One slip and it's all over…

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Wilt Fusarium, a clueless American ad executive, unwittingly finds himself in the middle of political intrigue and revolution on the tiny island of Costa San Rica, while trying to save the ad agency’s Choad Banana account. Complications and misunderstandings abound, as the island’s despot leader thinks Wilt is a revolutionary, the revolutionaries think he’s a government agent, the banana company thinks he’s CIA, and the CIA, well, they don’t know what to think. As the dead bodies begin to pile up around him, and with his ad agency breathing down his neck, Wilt is forced to take extreme action to save his life, his job, and the Choad Banana account.


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What Critics Are Saying


clipartbest-com-csx1lo-clipart“Unlike anything I’ve ever heard before”

“Jim Yoakum cranked the absurdity and ridiculousness of this novel up to epic proportions. The story was highly interesting…I found myself constantly wanting to know what will happen next. …Pavi Proczko did an awesome job narrating this book….definitely worth a listen.”

four_star_rating“A Clever, Interesting Ride”

“The writing is quite clever, and delights in it’s own absurdity….the crazy situations continue to stack up as the novel goes on. Personally I enjoyed the comedy quite a lot…Will check out Jim Yoakum’s work in the future.”

four_star_rating“An agency man in over his head…”

“Wilt Fusarium is a advertising agent on a business trip to the tiny island of Costa San Rica. Unfortunately for him, the island is on the cusp of revolution…most of the comedy coming from Fusariums absolute cluelessness. There is some great satire in there too…Highly enjoyable.”


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